Boat Planetary Gear Helm


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Fast connect, simple installation.
Made from corrosion resistant materials.
Particularly suitable where clearance is limited.
Optional 90° or 20° mounting bezel.
Features a standard 3/4” tapered shaft.
Steering wheel turns approximately 3.8x from lock to lock.
Compact for mounting with minimum feedback.
For boats exceeding 50m/ph, the twin cable steering system T72FC is recommended.
Uses M66 cable or SSC62 cable (
Exceeds both EN 28848 and ABYC P17 safety standards.

Steering kit includes:
1. Helm
2. Assembly bolts
3. Mounting instructions included

*Not recommended for boats exceeding 50MPH / 43 Knots / 80KMPH. Boats exceeding 50MPH and/or exceeding 150HP are recommended to use hydraulic steering. Not recommended for stern drives or in board systems without power steering.

Installation and Maintenance Manual supplied
ssc62 or ssc92 boat steering cables suited to helm are as follows Teleflex SSC62 or SSC92 or older Morse D345 cable. Same quick connect feature. Example of part numbers ssc6206, ssc6207, ssc6208, ssc6209,ssc6210, ssc6211, ssc6212, ssc6213, ssc6214, ssc6215, ssc6216,ssc6217,ssc6218,ssc6219,ssc6220, ssc6221, ssc6222, ssc6223, ssc6224, ssc6225: Easy Example: ssc62(number) or ssc6215 would be a 15ft cable.

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