Hydraulic Boat Steering

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About Our Range Of Hydraulic Boat Steering Products

Boat Steering Australia has the leading range of hydraulic boat steering kits and products in the country, from parts to replace and maintain your steering system, to full steering kits for a complete solution. 

Our range is designed to suit the needs of Australia’s boating community, with durable, reliable, and well-made products to ensure you have a smooth and safe drive – every time. 

Hydraulic steering is a great choice for the whole range of outboard motors from small to mid to high horsepower engines, as it is designed to offer larger vessels a much smoother, lightweight feel when steering. If you’re looking for a powerful, smooth, and corrosion resistant system with less parts and hassle than a mechanical system, hydraulic boat steering is for you.

No matter the HP of your motor, the measurements in your engine well, or your needs and budget, we have a hydraulic boat steering system to suit your needs.

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